How to Accept Help

Do you ask these questions? I am so frustrated. What can I do? Need to work but where do I leave my loved one? My loved one is unable to stay alone. My loved one should be in a care facility for his/her own safety but will not go. I do not want assistance from people I am not familiar with. No one is capable to provide the same care that I do for my loved one. I am so tired, frustrated, & mentally and physically drained.

These questions are coming up increasingly among caregivers. Unfortunately there is no simple solution. However, always remember if you do not care for yourself then who will care for your loved one when you are ill. If you are not around, who will care for your loved one? Make efforts and take strides to look after your needs. Take heed to your physical and emotional needs. If a crisis does occur, it may force the situation but usually at a greater cost to both of you. Consider the following:

  • Call a Senior Citizen's Center or Area Agency on Aging for seniors and ask for any help/ideas they may have.
  • If you can afford it, try to get someone into the home to be with your loved one.
  • Try to get the person to wear a personal alarm that he/she can set off if he falls, etc.
  • Talk to other caregivers -- learn what they have done.
  • Continually talk to the person; remind him/her that if he/she wants to remain independent, he/she has to start to accept help.