Some Amazing Facts about Caregivers

FACT: The average monthly out-of pocket expense for a family caregiver is $171. Total un-reimbursed monthly expense for family caregivers is $1.5 billion!
FACT: One-third of informal caregivers consider themselves to be in fair to poor health-citing physical strain and chronic stress as two conditions.
FACT: Latinos are the fastest growing segment of the age 65 and over population, facing unique barriers to accessing formal services.
FACT: 5.4 million children live in households maintained by grandparents or other non-parental relatives (parents may also be present).
FACT: 75% of all family caregivers are women.(2)
FACT: Caregivers rate loss of leisure, the change in family dynamics, and feelings of isolation as the most burdensome aspect of family caregiving.
FACT: Virtually of all family caregivers say they have suffered from prolonged depression
FACT: More people enter nursing homes because of caregiver burnout, rather than a worsening of their condition.
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