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Would you enjoy belonging to an online support system where you can share tips and experiences? You can receive support and help others when you realize that your situation is not unique. Avoid loneliness and join other caregivers in a safe place by subscribing to a support group

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This group is a place to share tips and experiences, receive support, help others, avoid loneliness and join other caregivers in a safe place.

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subscribe to the list
subscribe to the list
unsubscribe from the list
unsubscribe from the list
suspends your account until you send a RESUME account
suspends your account for xx days or until you send a RESUME command
restarts your suspended account
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get help with list commands (this message)

If the subject of your message is anything other than one of the above commands, the message is forwarded to everyone who has subscribed to the mailing list.

A digest is a single MIME-encoded message containing the contents of all the messages posted to the mailing list during the digest period. If you send the DIGEST-xx command to the list, you will no longer receive individual messages.  Instead you will receive digest messages at the specified interval. To resume receiving individual messages, send the DIGEST-OFF command.

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