Caregiving Rewards, Risks and Dangers

What Are Some of the Rewards and Joys of Caregiving?

  • a new relationship with person being cared for 
  • a chance to give back 
  • a sense of accomplishment 
  • development of new skills, knowledge, i.e. advocacy abilities 
  • increased compassion, growth 
  • new relationships with others through support groups 
  • the building of memories
  • Stop grieving for what used to be and find joy in the present.

What Are Some of the Risks of Caregiving?

  • clinical depression
  • lack of privacy
  • restriction on a social life 

What Are Some of the Dangers of Caregiving?

  • personal illness/stress
  • potential for abuse of person being cared for
  • burnout
  • suffering from grief/loss
  • depletion of income
  • feelings of isolation, loneliness
  • legal/ethical issues