Low Income Housing

* Casa Orlando Apartments
1810-3rd, Lubbock 79401 747-9464

* Castle Gardens Apartments
1102-58th St., Lubbock 79412 765-8134

* The Garden Apartments
65th Dr. & Ave. T, Lubbock 79412 745-1232
* High Plains Apartments
16th St. & Iola, Lubbock 79416 797-1365
* Parkway Village
2105 E. 4th St.,
Lubbock 79403 744-9403
* South Plains Apartments
5520-58th St., Lubbock 79414 795-8018
* Winwood Village Homes
222 Redbud, Lubbock 79403 762-4711

Caregiver Survey

Help us make a difference! Please take a few moments to answer the five simple questions concerning your caregiving role. It will only take a minute, and the information you provide will aid us in finding out your needs and will be completely confidential.

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