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Here you will find hands-on information for caregivers that will assist you in planning, education and care. It is important that you take advantage of the many resources to make the task of caregiving as easy as possible. assumes no responsibility for the use of resource information provided. Our furnishing links to these sites is not to be construed as an endorsement

AARP explains all about reverse mortgages and how they can possibly benefit you. 

Addiction Prevention Guide for Seniors
Guide to Addiction Prevention for Seniors When discussing substance abuse and addiction, most people think about teenagers and young adults.
Our job is to get you the money you need to improve your life and to get it to you as fast as you need it. Our customer service is unparalleled, and we have a nationally renowned track record of success with thousands of clients. 

Brain Health
Get tips on keeping your brain healthier as you age, including a free brain game. Learn how exercise, diet and mental activity contribute to brain and memory fitness and may help reduce your risk factors for Alzheimer’s and dementia.
A new web site for Boomers caring for their elderly, ill parents. We provide soup-to-nuts information; not just medical, but also finances, nutrition, and legal. 

Depression is Not a Normal Part of Growing Older | CDC.GOV
Depression is a true and treatable medical condition, not a normal part of aging. However older adults are at an increased risk for experiencing depression. If you are concerned about a loved one, offer to go with him or her to see a health care provider to be diagnosed and treated. 

Depression Treatment: Therapy, Medication and Lifestyle Changes
Learn about the many effective ways of dealing with depression including therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes. 

Early Warning Signs of Dementia & Alzheimer’s
Early Warning Signs of Dementia & Alzheimers: Find Customer-Rated Elder Care Providers and Senior Care Articles 

Elder Options of Texas
Whether you’re a senior, a caregiver, a child with aging parents, or a health care professional, you’ll find Elder Options of Texas online services is your source for senior housing and elder care information. 

Elderly Depression and Care for the Elderly
Read about the warning signs of elderly depression and how to get help for your loved one. Discover why elderly depression is a major public health problem.
Oldest and largest aging and eldercare sourcebook on the web. 

Family Care America
A source of information and resources for caregivers of the elderly, disabled and chronically ill. Some services are fee based. 

Unbiased health advice. 

Reacall Guide
FDA Prescription Drug Recalls, Side Effects, and Community. 

Pharmacists helping people make the best use of medicines 

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide
Understand how Social Security disability works and how to calculate your benefits. 

Social Security Disability Benefit Calculator
By using the calculator below, you’ll get an estimate of your monthly and annual Social Security disability or SSI benefits. 

Texas Reverse Mortgages
Reverse mortgages are the newest financial tool for providing older Texans another option for funding retirement. This commercial website offers information that will be helpful in considering this. 

The Guide to Overcoming Holiday Depression for the Elderly and their Caretakers
Approximately 6 million people over 65 are depressed. But unfortunately, few seek treatment. Chronic health issues, feelings of loneliness, and loss of loved ones can exacerbate feelings of depression and make the holidays a very difficult time for some seniors. 

22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging
Whether for yourself or for a loved one, these calculators are a starting point for becoming an advocate for healthy aging. Use them to assess an existing concern or even to develop effective vocabulary for speaking with your doctor. 

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