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I am 86 years old, and help my wife – cooking the breakfast, she usually cleans up the mess. I then try to fix her a snack before she watches the “soap” on TV, and then another snack later on. Our daughter who lives out of town usually prepares some food that I can heat. I usually vacuum the floors and do the necessary other work.

James of Slaton, TX


I am a caregiver for my husband, who has Alzheimer’s. He was first diagnosed in the late 1970s and again in the early 1980s by two different doctors.

My concern is that today Alzheimer’s is the fastest growing disease, and there are many people who are not familiar with the symptoms, medical care, medications or caregiving.

There are medications that can slow the process and help most patients, if they receive the proper care in the early stages. True, there is no known cure, but there are medications that can help the patient. Therefore, I encourage everyone to be “aware” of the beginning symptoms
and seek professional help.

Also, know how to encounter the person with Alzheimer’s. There are different types of help and information, such as The Alzheimer’s Association (local and national), Texas Department of Human Services, support groups and literature.

This is a serious matter. One doctor told me, “Dead brain cells don’t grow back.” Shocking, isn’t it? That’s why I encourage you to be “aware of Alzheimer’s.”

I recently received an article that stated “Now in Texas there are 280,964 people that suffer from the devastating disease.” This disease affects not only the patient but family and friends. With help from others, it has made it easier for all of our family. I am not a physician, just a caregiver with many years of experience.

Polly Cash of Lubbock, TX

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